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I'm a full-time writer and copywriter with a background in journalism and digital media.

I provide a roster of local and international clients with a range of freelance writing, copywriting, and social media services. 

I started my writing career in 2012, when I began covering the Vancouver Canucks and the NHL for the Vancouver Observer, as well as local-interest news and politics for Vancouver Weekly.


I started my copywriting career in 2013, working closely with the San Francisco-based travel startup, which was selected as one of TIME's Top 50 Websites of the Year in 2014. I quickly began picking up and retaining clients from Vancouver to LA to London through word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations, and never looked back. 

Today, I retain a small stable of select clients, delivering a range of copywriting, content writing, and social media writing services. 

Outside of work—when I'm not writing about the best ethnic food trucks in Midtown or how to get the most of a sunny summer weekend in Paris—I can often be found debating (and saving) the future of the world (one pint at a time) at the local pub. If I'm not there, I'm probably in a pit of despair, thinking and over-obsessing about my thoroughly mismanaged fantasy hockey teams. 

If you want to light my heart on fire and win my affection for the rest of time, feed me Guinness. 

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Some things you won't learn about me in an interview...

> If I’m on my third (very large) coffee before it's noon, things aren’t going well at all. I'm struggling. 

> If I’m hunched over my keyboard, I’ve hit a wall. If I’m slightly slouched, I’m on a roll. If I’m sitting with perfect posture, call an ambulance. 

> If I start muttering to myself at my desk I’m wrestling with the really, really big stuff—setting my fantasy hockey lineup for the week ahead. 

> If I have open and showing search results for a word like "fun" I'm in the tall grass and I might need a fourth cup of coffee. 

> If I'm working but not listening to music I'm probably not using the best parts of my brain. 

> If you ask me to drop everything I'm doing at once because we need to have an urgent conversation about "what else that actor was in" I won't hesitate. 


Best Buy Canada, UX Writer
March 2018 — Present

Best Buy Canada, Copywriter
July 2015 — March 2018

Moonraker PR, Freelance Brand Journalist
April 2015 — Present

Various, Freelance Copywriter + Content Writer
December 2012 — Present

Peek, Freelance Copywriter
February 2013 — January 2016

Vancouver Observer, NHL Blogger
November 2012 — April 2013

Vancouver Weekly, Contributor
November 2012 — January 2013

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